• Oct. 2014: I am serving as an Associate Chair of ACM CHI 2015, in the subcommittee for Specific Application Areas.
  • Sep. 2014: Our paper on smartphone-based underwater multi-swimmer exergame has been accepted to ACM SenSys 2014.
  • July 2014: I joined IBM Research Austin as a Research Staff Member. 
  • May 2014: Our paper on smartwatch-based interpersonal touch interaction has been accepted to ACM UbiComp 2014.
  • Apr. 2014: We've won the Honorable Mention Award at ACM CHI 2014!
  • Feb. 2014: We've won the Best Paper Award at ACM CSCW 2014!
  • Feb. 2014: I've found that I am one of the three reviewers (out of 500+) who did most reviews in ACM CSCW 2014 :-)
  • Jan. 2014: Our paper on human factors of exergame controllers has been accepted to ACM CHI 2014
  • Jan. 2014: I am serving on the program committees of ACM UbiComp 2014 and AAAI ICWSM 2014.
  • Aug. 2013: Our paper on a mobile pervasive care for language delay has been accepted to ACM CSCW 2014.
  • May. 2013: I am serving on the program committee of of ACM MCSS 2013 collocated with ACM UbiComp 2013
  • Mar. 2013: Our paper on a mobile face-to-face interaction platform has been accepted to ACM MobiSys 2013.
  • Feb. 2013: We've won the Best Demonstration Award at ACM HotMobile 2013!

Short Bio

As of July 2014, I joined IBM Research Austin as a Research Staff Member. I will be exploring new mobile applications and systems in Mobile Enterprise Computing group. My official profile and contact information are available here.

Before joining IBM, I was a Research Assistant Professor at Center for Mobile Software Platform in KAIST, Korea. I received my Ph. D. in Computer Science from KAIST in 2013 under the advisement of Prof. Junehwa Song, and B.S. / M.S. in Electrical Engineering from KAIST.

I have been exploring diverse issues around socio-physical computing - creating new mobile/ubiquitous computing systems for socially-aware interdisciplinary services based on inter-personal sensory technologies.

To list up my research interest (to date and near-future):

  • Inter-personal computing: 
    • Social computing
    • Rich face-to-face interaction
    • Group context-based services
  • Mobile/ubiquitous computing: 
    • Context monitoring platforms and services
    • Signal processing, analysis, and inference
    • Resource and quality-aware computing
  • Future interdiscplinary ubiquitous computing services
    • Intelligent education environment
    • Pervasive gaming and athletics
    • Life-immersive healthcare