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I am a daydreamer, engineer, and designer who dreams of the unreal and struggles to make it real a bit at a time, driven by novel embedded AI and mobile/IoT technologies on physical worlds.

My primary research interest lies in AI-powered interactive systems embodied in physical and edge space. In particular, I am passionate in premiering intelligent, multi-modal, life-immersive services that augment human socio-cognitive abilities in our daily physical life, driven by novel orchestration of embedded AI, mobile/IoT/robotic platforms, and human-computer interaction. In pursuit of such vision, my research deeply concerns the issues in the design of new interactive AI systems serving first-of-its-kind socio-physical applications, optimization of the cognition and intelligence subsystems to deal with resource-hungry edge platforms, and constructive iteration between such a new AI-powered service and novel UX-driven inspirations therefrom. In this light, many of my research have been aiming at or inspired by new interdisciplinary real-life applications for health and well-being, family and children, social activism, cyber-physical instrumentation, immersive telepresence, workplace augmentation, and so on. A central value I pursue through my long-term research is to augment human-to-human interactivity in the physical world and transcend its conventional constraints by intelligent and cognitive computing systems.

To date, I have been serving on the program committees and/or editorial board of a number of premier academic venues leading my areas of research, including ACM MobiSys, ACM UbiComp/IMWUT, ACM CHI, IEEE INFOCOM, and so on. I served on the NSF panel as a panelist to review grant proposals. I am a recipient of the Best Paper Awards in ACM CSCW 2014. My research has generated 30+ issued U.S. patents so far.

Before joining IBM Research, I was a Research Assistant Professor at Center for Mobile Software Platform in KAIST, Korea. I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science from KAIST in 2013 under the advisement of Dr. Junehwa Song, and B.S. / M.S. in Electrical Engineering from KAIST.
Just a prosperous day at work :-)


  • Apr. 2019: I am serving on IEEE Infocom 2020 Technical Program Committee as a TPC member.
  • Dec. 2018: I am serving on ACM MobiSys 2019 Organizing Committee as a Posters Co-Chair.
  • Oct. 2018: I am serving on ACM MobiSys 2019 Technical Program Committee as a TPC Member. 
  • June 2018: I am serving on IEEE Infocom 2019 Technical Program Committee as a TPC member.
  • May 2018: Our paper on a co-present robotic avatar system letting a user live at multiple homes at the same time has been accepted to ACM MobiSys 2018. (Thanks to my awesome intern, Bumsoo Kang, for his hard work!)
  • Jan. 2018: I am serving on ACM UbiComp 2018 Organizing Committee as a Workshop Co-Chair.
  • Aug. 2017: I am serving on ACM HotMobile 2018 Technical Program Committee as a TPC Member.
  • June 2017: Our paper "Card-stunt as a Service" has been selected as the Best Video Award winner, as well as the runner-up of the Audience Choice Award at ACM MobiSys 2017!
  • June 2017: I am serving on IEEE Infocom 2018 Technical Program Committee as a TPC member.
  • May 2017: Our paper on a mobile-crowd system to create instant collective visualization on a massively packed crowd has been accepted to ACM MobiSys 2017. (Thanks again to my awesome intern, Chunkuk Yoo, for his continuing dedication on this work.)
  • Jan. 2017: This year I am serving on an NSF Proposal Review Panel as a panelist. 
  • Dec. 2016: I am serving on IEEE MDM 2017 Organizing Committee as an Industry Track Co-Chair.
  • Nov. 2016: I am serving as an Associate Editor of PACM on IMWUT (Proceedings of the ACM on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies)
  • Oct. 2016: I have been recognized as an IBM Master Inventor
  • Oct. 2016: I am serving on AAAI ICWSM 2017 Technical Program Committee as a TPC member.
  • Sep. 2016: I am serving on ACM MobiSys 2017 Organizing Committee as a Posters/Demos/Videos Co-Chair.
  • Jul. 2016: I am serving on IEEE Infocom 2017 Technical Program Committee as a TPC member.
  • Jan. 2016: Our paper on ubiquitous near-3D surface interactivity enabled by a single smartphone has been accepted to ACM CHI 2016. (Thanks to my awesome intern, Chungkuk Yoo, for his hard work!)
  • Sep. 2015: Our paper on pre-installation prediction of the battery impact of mobile continuous sensing apps has been accepted to ACM SenSys 2015
  • Aug. 2015: I am serving on ACM MobiSys 2016 Organizing Committee as a Web Co-Chair, as well as on its External Review Committee as a reviewer.
  • July 2015: Our paper on helping users learn the smartphone battery impact from their walking/moving behaviors has been accepted to ACM UbiComp 2015.
  • June 2015: I am serving on ACM SenSys 2015 Organizing Committee as a Poster/Demo Co-Chair. 
  • May. 2015: I am co-chairing ACM MCSS 2015 with Youngki Lee (held in conjunction with ACM UbiComp 2015). Please consider submitting your early works!
  • Apr. 2015: I am serving on IEEE Infocom 2016 Technical Program Committee as a TPC member. 
  • Jan. 2015: Our paper on inferring people's relational orientation from Facebook activities has been accepted to ACM CSCW 2015
  • Oct. 2014: I am serving as an Associate Chair of ACM CHI 2015, in the subcommittee for Specific Application Areas.
  • Sep. 2014: Our paper on smartphone-based underwater multi-swimmer exergame has been accepted to ACM SenSys 2014.
  • July 2014: I joined IBM Research Austin as a Research Staff Member.